Hi, i’m glad to release the first stable version of BloomLite.

It’s AS3-Bloom‘s speed-first branch.

// create theme instance
var blue:Theme = new BlueTheme();

// intialize the engine
// set default theme
// it's easy to change theme.
// just new your custom theme and apply it to ThemeBase, and it's done ^.^
ThemeBase.theme = blue;

See? It’s easier and faster than old Bloom.

Grab it’s source now!


5 Responses to BloomLite

  1. Chris says:

    Nice work Xin!

  2. pozirk says:

    Really nice framework, I’m going to use it in my game.
    The only thing I miss is a good manual or class reference. :)

  3. pozirk says:

    Couple questions for you. :)
    1. How to align text in Label?
    2. How to change header transparency in Window?

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