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A simple multiplayer first person shooter in flash.


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  • What’s iceworld?
    It’s a 3d multiplayer game in flash.
  • Why iceworld?
    Iceworld is a map of  Counter Strike, i loved cs so much. So i just created a little game shows my respect to cs.
  • So how’s your beta release.
    As you see, this game is still in early stage and may contains bugs. If you find any bugs please contact me.
  • I like this game and i want to support your development.
    Ah, that would be great if you want to help me. You can help me with 3d modeling(Email me) Vote this game on indiedb. Leave a comment shows your love.
  • Why i can’t shot with my mouse?
    Actually this game fires automatically once you aim your gun to enemies.
  • Why i can’t turn around like what in common fps game?
    You should press your mouse on flash player and then drag it to look around(It would take some time to get used to it). And you may want to press your mouse on the center of the screen to get a more comfortable control.
  • Why don’t you create a CS like like control?
    Since player flash can’t lock our mouse with in a small place like unity/shockwave etc.
    we developers can’t make a mouse movement based view control system.
  • Why my screen always shows he’s refreshing and won’t change after minutes?
    Because the network condition are different, you can try to refresh it’s page and join again, that’s the only solution now.


ASWD: move.
Space: jump.
Ctrl: crouch.
Shift: slow move.
Tab: battle info.
M: shows a menu.
Y: send text message.

Enter the game and input your name. Then click Rooms button, join a room by selecting them on the room list. And you can create your room if you want.

After joined or created a room. You are in free looking mode, so you should select which side to join(1.red 2.blue).This game will start a new round when there’s more than 1 player each side.If the round has started, you can view the battle in free looking mode. And when 1 side wins the game, you will be able to join the next round.

After all, thanks for your attention and help to this game and me 😀
Important update: Just fixed that animation issue and made some slight changes.

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