Though i’m not a professional programmer right now but i’d like to show you guys how programmers see things&people around them.

We don’t talk too much. We keeps things deep in side our mind and work hard to overcome or achieve them.
We express our love&appreciate in abnormal ways, though friends around us sometimes misunderstand us but that’s ok with us. Cause we’v expressed it and that’s all what we expected.
We won’t refuse friends’ request, like when help is needed etc. And once we accepted that request we’ll try our best to do it. No matter it’s good or bad, cause we trust our friends.
We ….

All in all, please trust us like we trust you. We’ll help you to create your ideal life. Let’s find the right way through this damn reality. Come on, mate!


4 Responses to Signature

  1. 张左峰 says:


    • sindney says:

      哦 因为现在还在学校呢,我也想实践下,但也得至少放假了 … 不过现在可以课余写项目,那我把qq留给您,不过最近不常在,email 有时更方便 :)

  2. mathorlee says:


    • sindney says:

      Flex SDK 自带有44矩阵 我就直接用它的了,那矩阵是左手的,所以。
      n3d现在u的版本还不完善,还有好多计划的东西没加呢。最近也一直没时间,到时新版会直接跳到2.0,到时就能和市面上的其他引擎比比了,开发板可以再githib里看到,有个dev branch

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